Contractors Unlimited Resources was founded in 2009 by three partners with a combined 35 years of expertise and practical experience in the construction, staffing and recruiting industries. Each has vastly different professional backgrounds that when combined create a great recipe for a successful hybrid-staffing company. We embrace procuring long lasting relationships with both clients and associates, as well as the community we live and work in. Our hybrid approach to staffing has led to hundreds of jobs for dozens of companies. We take great pride in being an extension of our client's human resource department and truly have the ability to save any company large percentages of profit over time. At C.U.R. Inc., we are committed to strengthening our organization to enhance a successful union between recruiter and contractor. C.U.R. Inc. strives to earn a reputation we can be proud of.

We are diverse enough to help any size company with a personal touch as well as be available at any given time. We have helped two man operations take on million-dollar projects and multi-million dollar companies simply fill in for a service truck operator's week vacation. We can be the resource for every worker on an entire job site or the crew that fills in when time is essential, though we are not so big that things get lost in a corporate atmosphere. At C.U.R. Inc. you will actually deal with the decision makers on a daily basis and not wait for any red tape to clear.

There are many more reasons and benefits to tell you about. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.